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Post Info TOPIC: WotC announces D&D 4th Edition Rules "move?"

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WotC announces D&D 4th Edition Rules "move?"

Could we move the "WotC announces D&D 4th Edition Rules " to a part of the forum which is not  in the "super secret" vault?

I was following some threads in the vault, and I dislike needing to sign on to see that more was added to a thread which doesn't need to be kept secret.

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Well, I'm the one responsible for the move if it is to happen. Ray, do you have any thoughts, suggestions, or weird noises to make, considering that you are the originator of the thread?

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I don't mind if those of you who play D&D keep it a secret... wink.gif

Just kidding, just kidding, no need to cast a level 3 Spell of Flesh Dessication on me... wink.gif

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RE: WotC announces D&D 4th Edition Rules "move?"

Sorry Hoss. I just think that if everyone knew you played D&D that you'd be mocked mercilessly by the jocks that hang out in the less secret places of BOuntiful... So I was protecting the innocent. If you want, you could move it to Arts and Crafts... It's kinda like an art... and craft... witch... craft... muwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


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I miss you rayb...   juggle.gif     nod.gif      tears.gif

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