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Post Info TOPIC: What was President Packer warning us of

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What was President Packer warning us of

If you still have (can find) the August 2010 Ensign Magazine, please have a look at the article I'm on about and tell me what you think.
Ref.: the August 2010 Ensign magazine article by President Packer "Finding Ourselves in Lehis Dream", on Page 23, lower right side of the page, the topic "A time of Spiritual War",
"We live in a time of war, that spiritual war that will never end. Moroni warned us that the secret combinations begun by Gadianton "are had among all people...
"Wherefore, O ye Gentiles [and the term Gentile in that place in the Book of Mormon refers to us in our generation], it is wisdom in God that these things be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you....
"Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you." (Ether 8:20, 23-24) I'm sure you are well familiar with that piece of scripture.

It is my understanding from these 3 short one sentence paragraphs (mostly words of Moroni) that we Latter-day Saints are under a commandment to do what we can to make ourselves aware of a secret combination that shall be among us. And if I understand the word suffer correctly, we are to do what we can to oppose this secret combination.

A couple of days ago I completed another stem to stern reading of the Book of Mormon. And again I was struck by the goals and workings of the ancient secret combinations (a.k.a Gadiantons) as they sought gain by plundering the wealth of people and sought and gained control of government. It reminded me of the statement by President Benson in the October 1988 General Conference that "Secret combinations lusting for power, gain and glory are flourishing. A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world."

It has been suggested to me by some Church members that according to President Packer's article, the secret combination we are commanded to be concerned about is limited to atheists and agnostics which "are now organized, and they pursue political power." as mentioned in the last paragraph that begins on Page 23. That paragraph reads: "Atheists and agnostics make nonbelief their religion and today organize in unprecedented ways to attack faith and belief. They are now organized, and they pursue political power. You will be hearing much about them and from them. Much of their attack is indirect in mocking the faithful, in mocking religion."

My concern and strongly held opinion is that we should be looking for and opposing not only attacks on faith and religion, but also looking for and opposing a conspiracy that is striving to plunder our wealth and to take complete control of government, as did the ancient gadiantions. This is what I understand Moroni was telling us to do. (Ether 8:20, 23-24) Such a conspiracy would involve a lot more than atheism and agnosticism. To me it smacks of what Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, was talking about in the April 1980 General Conference, when he stated: "Gadianton robbers fill the judgement seats in many nations. An evil power seeks to overthrow the freedom of all nations and countries."

How do you understand this ?   Are the secret combinations we are warned about atheists and agnostics only trying to destroy faith and religion, are they also plundering the wealth of people and gaining control of government, or something else/more?


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I believe that Glenn Beck is doing a great deal to combat these secret combinations.

Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media is owned by the secret combinations.

There are so few of us and so many of them, my hope is that the unseen millions on the other side are helping us from there, that in a spiritual sense there are more with us than against us.

No, it's not the agnostics and the atheists. It's folks from everywhere and unfortunately, from within the ranks of the Church.

When BYU professors (former mission president) can be lauded for his stance for homosexual love.

When supposed good members of the Church in California opposed Prop 8.

Those are the very DANGEROUS ones that Moroni was talking about.

my .02 worth.

no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing... the truth of God will go forth till it has penetrated every website, sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the great Jehovah shall say the work is done

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The Book of Mormon gives a detailed account of the operations of secret combinations (a.k.a. gadiantons) and shows that their primary goal was power, or control of government. It also reveals that they exist in our time.   I believe I see these things happening in our country and our world today. *Secret Combinations exist among modern gentiles even as they existed in times of old. (2 Nephi 26: 14 & 22)  (President Benson told us this in the October 1988 General Conference.)

*The object of all those who belonged to the secret society was to murder, rob, and gain power. (Helaman 2: 8)  (I cannot prove what I believe, so I'll not comment on this.)

*Those at the head of government, for a time, did not know they existed (Helaman 3: 23) (A few U.S. Congressman have, over the years, spoken of their existence.   1, Ron Paul, is currently in office.  I know of 1 current and 1 recent Congressmen, both LDS, who have claimed to know nothing about them.)

*The gadiantons murdered chief judges. (Helaman 6: 19)

*The Nephites united with the secret combination. (Helaman 6: 21) (I'd best not mention names.)

*The members of the secret combination covenanted with each other that they would help and protect each other, and not let each other be brought to punishment. (Helaman 6: 12) 

*The Nephites built up the secret combinations. (Helaman 6: 38)

*The more part of the righteous of the Nephites came to believe in their works and to partake of their spoils and join with them in murders. (Helaman 6: 38)

*The secret combination did obtain sole management of the government. (Helaman 6: 39)  (I believe the U.S. FedGov is under consideerable control of latteer-day gadiantons.)

*Once in power they began to abuse the poor and humble followers of God. Helaman 6: 39)  (Can you see this happening now?)

*The leader of the secret combination invited the leader of the Nephites to become equal brothers with them in the secret combination, and equal in all their possessions. (3 Nephi 3: 7)

*The leader of the secret combination declared his society and its works to be good and of an ancient date, and that it had been handed down to them. (3 Nephi 9)

*The leader of the secret combination demanded that the Nephites yield all their possessions to them. (3 Nephi 3: 10)

*Judges secretly were putting to death those that were testifying to the people about their wickedness, although only the chief judge was legally allowed to put someone to death. (3 Nephi 6: 23)

*The judges formed a secret combination among themselves to avoid punishment for their crimes, using the same covenants of previous secret combinations. (3 Nephi 6: 28)

*They caused a great contention in the land so that almost all the righteous had become wicked. (3 Nephi 7: 7)

*They put a man over them as their king. (3 Nephi 7: 10)

*Secret combinations caused the destruction of the Nephites. (Ether 8: 21)

*Those who build up secret combinations seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and all people. (Ether 8: 25)

Do you folks see any of this happening?  



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Yep. We are in serious trouble and I think Packer was trying in a subtle way to wake up the general membership. Unfortunately too many members just don't believe the Book of Mormon and it's warnings on this topic.


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Profuse Pontificator

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I find that because of the paragraph that begins: "Atheists and agnostics make nonbelief their religion...." some members assert that it is only attacks on faith and religion that we need beware of.   Others insist that the "secret combinations" are organizations like la cosa nostra, the drug cartels, the krips, etc., none of which seek control of government as did the real secret combinations or gadiantons. 

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